Welcome to Sexual Psychology

Hi I'm Georgina; 

Psychologist and Sex Therapist. 

Sexuality is a fundamental aspect of our identity. Our sexuality allows individual expression, provides an avenue for connection with others and potential for intimacy. Almost everyone at some point in their lives will question their sexual interests and struggle with their sexual development. For some people this struggle becomes a persistent problem.




Therapy involves looking closely at how you relate sexually then broadening the focus to how you relate generally. Therapy works best when we work together to find solutions. To do this we examine how your sexual desires, emotional needs and past sexual experiences combine to create your current experience of sex. We then choose a type of therapy that is effective for your problem and suits your personality. See above Treatment.

You may have the primary problem or perhaps its your partner that is struggling. If you are in a relationship, persistent sexual difficulties are due to both individual and couple dynamics. Regardless of how the problem started, it is essential to understand and address how the problems is maintained by you and your partner.

Sessions are open to individuals, couples and polygamous relationships.

I welcome people of all sex and gender identifications.