Erotic literature

Erotic literature:

Here is a list of books that contain sexy stories to boost your libido. Keep a copy next to your bed to spice up your sex life and fuel your sexaul fantasies. You could ask your lover to read a page and act out your fantasy. Alternatively read a story out loud to your lover whilst having a picnic in the park. Also good for enhancing masturbation. Enjoy.......

 Heterosexual Erotica

  •  Best Sex Writing 2009 gathers the most provocative and noteworthy work of the year from journalists, investigative reporters, scholars, novelists, bloggers, and sex workers writing on the topic at the forefront of everyone's mind: sex. From Supervirgins to sex toys, prostitution, and why bathroom sex is here to stay, to the little-discussed epidemic of impotence among Iraq War veterans, Best Sex Writing 2009 takes an incisive (and often surprising) look at our sexual culture.
  • Got a minute: 60 second erotica. (2007.) 60 super hot, super short erotic stories are perfect for the erotica fan on-the-go. Funny, poetic, and featuring a wide representation of orientations, these sizzling tales are great for those who like to skip the fluff and get right to the point. Whatever your pleasure, if you've got a minute, this book will help you spend it in no time.
  • Emmanulle and Emmanulle 2. Emmanuelle Arsan (1971;1976). ‘To make love to more than one body in no way injures the idea of love; it is the gate way to an abundant life'. Emmanuelle Arsan
  • The Sexual Life of Catherine MCatherine Millette (1997). Written in spare elegant prose, the sexual life of Catherine M is an autobiography of a well known Parisian art critic who likes to spend her nights in the singles clubs of Paris and in the Bois Boulogne where she has sex with a succession of anonymous men (from the book cover).
  • Children of the Albatross. Anaïs Nin (1959). Delicately catches the nuances and half-dreamed sensations of adolescent love. (from book cover).
  • The story of the eye. Georges Bataille (1928). Erotic masterpiece of the 20th Century.
  • The Lover. Marguerite Duras (1984). A disturbing, erotic, exotic autobiographical confession. An unforgettable portrayal of the incandescent relationship between the lovers and of the hate that slowly tears the girls family apart (from book cover)
  • Forbidden Flowers: Women's sexual fantasies. Nancy Friday (1994). An updated version of women's fantasies, sequel to My Secret Garden.
  • First time. This graphic anthology from Erotica contains ten of Sibylline's stories about initial sexual experiences. Each "first time" features a different artist, including Dave McKean, illustrator of Neal Gaiman's Coraline and The Graveyard Book.
  • The Virgin Project. Kevin Boze and Stasia Kato (2008).This eclectic comic collection contains almost a hundred true "first-time" tales accumulated over a three year period. In addition to soliciting stories at the Seattle and Victoria Erotic Arts Festivals, they chronicled carnal encounters whenever and wherever they could. As a result, this book of biographical strips includes diverse accounts of sexual orientations and activities.
  • Delta of Venus. Anaïs Nin (1977). Exploring the domain traditionally held by male writers, Anaïs creates her own language of the senses.
  • Taboo: Forbidden fantasies for couplesViolet Blue ed. (2004). In this stunning, groundbreaking collection, about couples taking their deepest, darkest and most wickedly delightful sexual fantasies... all the way. Like best-selling Sweet Life -- but much naughtier -- the expertly crafted stories feature loving couples pushing the limits of extremely explicit sex, lust and their imaginations.
  • Down & Dirty. Alison Tyler, ed. (2003). In 69 super-short (and super-graphic) erotic stories, you'll find slice-of-life moments in which couples do anything and everything to get off with each other. Everyone's hard, wet and hot as hell in these stories, which are expertly written by today's top erotic writers such as Maxim Jakubowski, Thomas Roche, Thomas Roche, M. Christian, Rachel K. Bussel and Alison Tyler.
  • 5 minute eroticaCarol Queen, ed. (2003). Like it short, hot and sweet and naughty? Get right to the action with authors such as Queen, Thomas Roche, Alison Tyler, M. Christian and many other big names, with stories that are well-written and especially designed for one-handed reading.
  • I like sugar: Women's Erotic FantasiesViolet Blue, ed, (2006). In this sexy confection, you'll find a cup of kink, a sprinkle of exhibitionism, and a dollop of role-play. These stories sizzle with many first time erotic experiences -- including a three way, a woman finding her inner dominant, and a bi-curious experiment.
  • Luscious. Alison Tyler ed. (2006). all the stories revolves around ass play. A babysitter completes the first three-way for a middle aged couple newly exploring anal sex in Bryn Haniver's "Sometimes It's Better to Give." A straight woman is fisted in "Room Service" by NT Morley by a new dominant lover- the writing is hot and loses none of its momentum while mentioning the potential awkwardness of anal douching. Long time fans of the rosebud and those new to the backdoor will find plenty of sweet inspiration.
  • Juicy Mangos. (2007). This sizzling hot collection of erotic short stories was written by and features mixed race. Seven sensual stories all revolve a holiday, but are set in different locations around the world. Unlike some other erotica that relies solely on the sex scene, these well-written tales feature all the plot and drama that makes the sex even juicer. Featuring writing by Mayra Montero, Michelle Herrera Mulligan, Mayra Santos-Febres, Sofia Quintero, Adriana Lopez, Elisha Miranda, Yxta Maya Murray.
  • 3 wayAlison Tyler, ed. (2004). The incredibly popular fantasy of menage a trois is taken to the absolute limits in this compelling -- and deliciously explicit -- collection of 21 stories that serve up three-way fantasies of almost every combination.
  • Literotica  free erotic literature, amateur erotic literature and discussion forums.

Bent Erotica

  •  Quiver. Tobsha Learner(1998). 12 interconnected stories capture the spontaneous erotic experiences of a small group of middle-class acquaintances, showcasing a kaleidoscope of sexual interludes -- heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, exhibitionistic and sadomasochistic. Each superbly written and memorable tale vividly depicts the pleasures of new and rediscovered love, lust and obsession.

  • The leather daddy and the femme. Carol Queen (1998; 2003). My absolute favourite! Upon its release, this groundbreaking classic turned typical erotica upside down and revealed San Francisco's outrageous sexual underground. The story of transgender encounters, tricks and cruising, vivid sexual escapades -- and possibly the most modern version of true love in contemporary literature.

  • Girls on top. Violet Blue (2009). Written for women, by women and about women, this commanding collection confirms that what a girl wants... she gets. J. Frost's Quarterbacking tells the inspiring tale of first-time domination. Foot fetishism is the focus of Elizabeth Colvin's High Heels. Read about gripping group sex in B.J. Franklin's The Hostage and encounters with exhibitionists in Virgie Tovar's New York Peep Show.

  •  How I adore you. Mark Pritchard. This is my new favourite. 7 short stories; each more depraved than the last. This book is out there. The story about incest is powerfully erotic.

  •  Lipstick on her collar. 22 short stories. Is there a lover in your life, or is she still a figment of your imagination? You might get a glimpse of her here, among the butch daddies and femme fatales and rogues, because there are representatives of every kind of woman in this book, having every kind of sex you (and twenty-two authors) can imagine. Welcome to the party!" - From the foreword by Cecilia Tan

  •  Boycrazy. (2009) is an erotic anthology of feel-good gay fiction, full of firsts; first attractions, first kisses, first times falling in love (and in bed) with the first boys these authors were crazy about.It captures the innocence of youth, the sweaty-palmed anticipation of intimacy.

  •  Inside Him. Joel B. ed. (2006). Tan brings together some of the edgiest gay male erotica around in this stand-out compilation. Each seductive tale brings your fantasies to life as the authors explore BDSM, Topping/Bottoming, and a dramatic spectrum of intense themes. We loved the diverse range of stories, characters, ages, and sexual proclivities contained in the anthology, and the writing really blew us away. From ancient Rome to the suburbs of California, to rope bondage, dildos, and first time sexual encounters, there is something for anyone to love in this steamy tome.

  •  Sexiest soles: Erotic stories about feet and shoes. Ed Rachel Kramer Bussel & Christopher Pierce (2006)

  •  Cross dressing Ed Rachel Kramer Bussel & Veronic Vera

BDSM Erotica

Erotic Literature B&D S&M

  • Naughty spanking stories. Rachel Kramer Bussel (2004). If you like spanking, are a bit curious, or just want a plethora of spanking ideas to try at home, this well-written and extremely explicit collection of stories from acclaimed authors delivers the goods. Officers and captives, school settings and fun at-home fantasies.

  •  Macho sluts. Pat Califa (1988). Hold on your in for one hot ride exploring lesbian S&M fantasy. A Lesbian encounters with 3 gale male cops, a leather men who loves to dominate other topmen, a lucky girl who gets to take on eight top women, even a dash of vanilla.

  •  The Storey of OPauline Réage (1965). Set in 19th-century France, this book was the first critically acclaimed contemporary S/M novel. The details of O's systematic, willing submission to her lover have fuelled many a fantasy.

  •  Kink: Tales of the Sexual Adventurer. Paul Willis and Ron Jackson (eds.) This one is for the boys and for those girls who love to watch men fuck each other. Gets dirty and rough.

  •  Slave to love. Alison Tyler ed. (2006). Is it really the cuff around your wrist that turns you on, or the negotiation that got you there? The Best Bondage Erotica series editor, Alison Tyler, offers a new BDSM-themed anthology that knows psychological surrender can be as delightful as physical restraint.

  •  Beauties Punishment. A. N. Roquelaure. (1984). Well-known novelist Anne Rice penned this S/M trilogy (this is the second volume, after Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and before Beauty's Release) under a pseudonym because of its deliciously scandalous content. Rice chronicles the adventures of Sleeping Beauty who, upon awakening from her slumber, finds her heart and body under the rule of her princely deliverer. Countless broken taboos fill these volumes. 1984

  •  Yes Mama: Erotic stories of male submission: Rachel Krammer Bussel.  Turning the tables on rigid gender roles, the stories within detail the adventure of men who revel in submission to stern mistresses who regognise the