Open and Poly

Open and Poly

Monogamy is not for everybody.

You may be considering opening your relationship for sexual play, developing a polyamorous relationship to increase loving and supportive people in your world, maintaining an open relationship as possibility for finding additional love companions or you maybe in a committed polyamorous family.

Whatever your desired relationship scenario, non-monogamous relationships are increasing in popularity. A recent YouGov American poll of 1300 adults in 2020 found 32% of respondent favoured some type of open relationship, compared to 20% in 2016.

However, like monogamous relationships, there can be ups and downs and boundary challenges.

Yes it is liberating to create your own relationship structure and rules, but it can also be daunting and laborious to write your own script. You often don’t really know how you are going to react to changing relationship structures that you ‘ideally’ agree to. What was ok with one person, now feels unsettling with someone else.

Another difficulty of non-monogamous relationships is the social secrecy and fear of judgment from others. It’s hard to bounce ideas off your friends about whether you are being (un)reasonable in your requests or limitations when many people are rigid about their relationship boundaries. Further, new relationship feelings can be like a wave crashing into a relationship, which defy logic, can create mixed feelings of joy and jealousy and reduce empathy for one another.

I offer a safe space and experience for you to discuss your relationship dynamics and you may attend as an individual, couple, triangle or other family composition.

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