I work with individuals with problematic sexual behaviour, who are not currently in the court system. This includes illegal sexual behaviour that disregards consent of others such as such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, froterism, and viewing child abuse material.

Paraphilias and Sex Offender Register Support

Some individuals have specific compulsive sexual behaviour that is non-consensual (paraphilia) which significantly interferes with daily life and impacts on others and relationships. Paraphilias are different than sexual fetishes or kinks in that they involve non-consent and often have very high levels of obsession, rigidity of sexual repertoire, compulsivity of sexually acting out, and negative impact on others and on general life domains. Treating paraphilias involves ceasing illegal behaviour, and reducing compulsivity, obsessionality, and rigidity of sexual behaviour. Some people may need to take an abstinence approach to sexual behaviour, whilst other maybe able to move their sexual behaviour out of the illegal and problematic range and back into the realm of healthily sexual expression possible within a consensual Kink positive relationship.

Treatment is individualised. Initial treatment focuses on behavioural approach to stop illegal, problematic, or compulsive behaviour, with a strong focus on relapse prevention.

Subsequent treatment involves Safe Offender Program Strategies.

It is increasingly common for individuals with Internet pornography addiction to come across illegal content, which includes child abuse material. Pornography addiction distorts one’s perception of reality, reduces victim empathy, results in justification and rationalisation of child abuse, conditions viewers to see people as sexual objects, and erodes consensual sexual boundaries in real life relationships. Many people viewing child abuse material believe they are not hurting anyone. They are wrong.

See sexual attraction to children: sex offender assistance for links to resources.

I do not offer the level of treatment required for contact sex offenders or those undergoing criminal charges. You will best served by a forensic psychologist specialising sex offences such as those working at LSC psychology or forensic psychiatrist Dr Olav Nielssen

Sexual Attraction to Children- Sex Offender Assistance

Contacts for people at risk of offending

If you feel at risk of engaging in illegal sexual activity, or non-consensual sexual activity (behaviours  known as sex offenses) you can find assistance and counsellors by contacting:

Child Abuse Prevention Service
Aims to alleviate child abuse by providing support to parents, carers, kids, families, etc. CAPS runs a free, telephone helpline offering support, information, referral and crisis intervention.
Call 24 hours: 1800 688 009.

Stop It Now

Stop It Now  is an international organisation, which provides anonymous self-help resources for people who are worried about downloading and using child pornography from the internet. They are a collaborative group of University and NGO’s from Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Pastoral Counselling Institute

A Christian organisation that integrates pastoral care with treatment for child pornography use and paedophilia. Parramatta, NSW. Phone: 02 9683 3664

German treatment facility with online resources for individual sexually attracted to children.

Circle of support and accountability

Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) is a Canadian community-based initiative operating on restorative justice principles.  CoSA assists individuals who have served a prison sentence for a sexual offence(s) in their effort to re-enter society.

NSW Child Sex Offender Counsellor Accreditation Scheme

The NSW Child Sex Offender Counsellors Accreditation Scheme is a public register of counsellors with the necessary knowledge and skill to work with people who sexually offend against children.
Telephone: (02) 9286 7276
9.00am to 5.00pm (Mon-Fri)

The Sex Offender Support Program

The Sex Offender Support Program is a voluntary program, funded by the Department of Justice. It provides support for prisoners who have received a sentence for sex offences and are either eligible for or have participated in the Corrections Services Sex Offender Program. Support is given to those who have a community based disposition or are serving a prison sentence.

Contact the Department of Justice in your state for information on the following programs.

Australian tertiary sex offender treatment programs for young offenders

Young Sex Offender Program

ACT Specialised Treatment Options Program (ACTSTOP)

Sex Offender Program

Mirvac House Program

Griffith Adolescent Forensic Assessment and Treatment Centre

Sexual Assault Support and Prevention Program

The Mary Street Adolescent Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

Male Adolescent Program for Positive Sexuality (MAPPS)
Sexual Abuse Counselling and Prevention Program (SACPP)
Southern Sexual Abuse Counselling and Prevention Program (SSACPP)
Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (SAPP)
Early Intervention Program

Safecare Young People’s Program (SYPP)

Australian tertiary sex offender treatment programs for adult offenders

Prison based

Adult Sex Offender Program



Community based

  • Maintenance Program
  • Treatment Program

Prison based

  • Custody-based Intensive Treatment (CUBIT)
  • Custody-based Intensive Treatment (CUBIT) – Moderate Density
  • Custody-based Intensive Treatment (CUBIT) – High Density
  • Custody-based Intensive Treatment Out Reach (CORE)
  • Custodial Maintenance Program
Community based

  • Community Corrections Sex Offender Program

Prison based

  • Sex Offender Intervention Program
  • Preparation for Intervention
  • Sexual Offender Treatment Program
  • Indigenous Sex Offender Treatment Program
Community based

  • Community-based
  • Maintenance Program
  • Community-based Program
  • Community-based Intellectually
  • Disabled Program

Prison based

  • Medium Sex Offender Program
  • Indigenous Medium Sex Offender Program
  • Intellectually Disabled Program
  • Intensive Program
  • Reasoning and Rehabilitation Cognitive Skills Program